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Marigold ABA Therapy Center is a family-based program that works hand-in-hand with parents to foster the optimum in social, emotional, and cognitive development for young children. Our priority is helping children with Autism by providing a loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children with a learning impairment, which would generally hinder their success through other programs. We accommodate the individual needs of each child by using developmentally appropriate curriculum, ABA therapy, and learning materials that will help reach your child's emotional and social goals. Research has shown that early intensive behavioral intervention with the use of ABA therapy is the key to engaging autistic children with the world and with other people, to fully develop their capabilities.

Our Facilities

Appropriate student-to-teacher ratio, Activities for daily living and self-help skills, ABA therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Fine/Gross motor skills, Visual schedules, Multiple step activities, PECS to increase communication, Receptive & expressive skills, Computer skills, Choice making, Stimulating atmosphere, Sensory room to promote leisure skills, and an Indoor motor lab.


Founder/Director Karri L. Wilson, received her B.S. in Early Education/Special Education from Texas Women’s University, M.S. in Principalship from Texas A & M-Commerce, and her BCBA certification from Texas Tech. The Marigold ABA Therapy Center was developed from her passions and desire to create a successful setting for children with Autism and related disabilities.

"We strive to foster independence, self advocacy, and relationships with family and peers."


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