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Marigold ABA Therapy Center partners with families to foster the development of children with Autism. Our tailored approach, including ABA therapy and specialized materials, empowers each child's unique needs. Early intervention is key to unlocking their full potential.

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    8:00am - 5:30pm
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    8:00am - 5:30pm
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    8:00am - 5:30pm
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    8:00am - 5:30pm
2023 Living Magazine Best Of Dallas ABA Therapy

Award-Winning Excellence: Featured in Living Magazine 2023

Celebrated in Living Magazine as a leading ABA Therapy Center of 2023, we're recognized for our innovative and impactful approach in the ABA industry. This feature highlights our dedication to excellence and the transformative care we provide to our community.

About Us

Celebrating each child's unique journey, Marigold ABA Therapy Centers excel in Autism care. Our approach blends family involvement with tailored ABA therapy, fostering social and emotional growth in a nurturing environment. Early behavioral intervention is key. Connect with us to explore how we can support your child's development.

Our Facilities

Discover Marigold ABA Therapy Centers: We prioritize optimal student-to-teacher ratios to ensure personalized attention. Our program includes daily living skills, ABA, art, and music therapies, enhancing both fine and gross motor skills. We use visual schedules and multi-step activities for structured learning, while PECS and targeted exercises boost communication, receptive, and expressive skills. Our curriculum integrates computer skills and choice-making in a stimulating environment. Plus, our sensory room and indoor motor lab are designed to foster leisure skills and physical development. Join us for a nurturing journey in child growth.

Student doing ABA Therapy in Facility


Meet Karri L. Wilson, the heart and vision behind Marigold ABA Therapy Centers. With a rich educational background, including a B.S. in Early Education/Special Education from Texas Women’s University, an M.S. in Principalship from Texas A&M-Commerce, and a BCBA certification from Texas Tech, Karri's expertise is unparalleled. Her passion for creating a thriving environment for children with Autism and related disabilities is the foundation of our center. Marigold ABA Therapy Center is a realization of her dream to foster success in every child we meet.

Picture of Founder of Marigold ABA Therapy

"We strive to foster independence, self advocacy, and relationships with family and peers."


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What Clients Say


Our experience at Marigold ABA Therapy Center has been transformative. The therapists are skilled and compassionate, fostering significant improvements in our child's communication and social skills. The support for families is outstanding, making us feel valued and understood. We're deeply grateful for their positive impact.

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Cindy M.

The ABA Therapy Center has been a blessing for our family. The dedicated staff have worked wonders with our child, enhancing their social and behavioral skills noticeably. The environment is welcoming and supportive, both for the child and the family. We've seen remarkable progress and feel reassured and confident in the care provided. This center is truly a cornerstone in our child's development

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Mark H.

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